If You Give A Girl A Microphone

If you give a girl a microphone….she is going to have something to say.
If she says it with clarity and confidence….people are going to listen.
When people start to listen….she starts to make a difference.
When she starts to make a difference….she finds her purpose.
When she finds her purpose…she can change the world.

What is your message? Do you know how to share it with confidence and clarity?

This 6 week course will teach you to have confidence and clarity when you speak so people listen. Learn how to overcome self-limiting beliefs, present with confidence, and gain tools to help make what you say memorable to your audience.When you learn to speak effectively you become unstoppable in your business, your career, and in your relationships. I have condensed years of practice and training into simple steps that anyone can learn!

What you can Expect:

  • Tools to make your message memorable!
  • A template that makes developing any message simple!
  • My 15 years of knowledge and insight in the public speaking world condensed and put into easy to learn steps that you can immediately put into practice!

*all classes will be via Zoom


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