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Success Is A Choice Book

In This idea-packed book, you will learn tips, ideas and strategies that will empower you to strive for greatness so you can achieve extraordinary results!

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Meet Denise

Denise Grove is an award winning international speaker, coach, and consultant. She has a real zeal for life and passion for helping others. She is in the business of helping women get “unstuck”! She has the ability to speak to the heart of each person she works with whether through speaking, coaching, or consulting that results in lifelong change.

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Dennis Zubler

Meet Dennis

Dennis Zubler is a goal-setting, growth-focused, successful individual. He loves helping others set goals and reach their greatest achievement in life.

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Individual Coaching

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This course gives you systamatic structure and process to attain success.


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Goal Achievement

If you have goals or dreams you can achieve them much faster with help from others.

“You will obtain your goals at a much faster pace.”

“I took the class led by Dennis Zubler based on the Brian Tracy book, GOALS-How to get everything you want-faster than you ever thought possible. This class was a game changer for me. While I already had ambitious goals, I never had a process to manage them. Following the process, you will obtain your goals at a much faster pace and that only gives you the ability to set more goals and accomplish them as well. This should be taught in school as a mandatory skill to learn as it will help you in your personal and professional life for the rest of your life.”

Glen Bootay
Owner, Eastern Mobile Wash